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How to ‘green-up’ your travel

    • Always pack your snack, it’ll save you money and reduce plastic waste!
    • Get your own reusable water bottle
    • Reuse the towels at hotels as you would at home
    • Walk or cycle to go around, not only will it save the earth but it’ll also make for a nicer experience!
    • If you have to drive rent a hybrid or electric vehicle
    • Pack light
    • Carbon offset your flight, the funds generally go towards projects involved in tree planting, renewable energy or conservation
    • Don’t print your boarding passes and hotel reservations if you’re carrying a smartphone or laptop
    • Use public transport instead of taxis when possible
    • Go for vegetarian and vegan restaurants, you’ll be surprised at how good the food can be!
    • Take any left over toiletries provided by the hotel as they’re often thrown away. They can also be reused for future trips

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