Why R&B

Reefs are the heart of Kuwait’s maritime history and sustained our society for hundreds of years prior to the discovery of oil. The reefs of the Gulf are at the forefront in the fight against Climate Change as they are some of the most resilient in the world. We hope through our company to build resilience in our society towards a more sustainable future.

Our Goals

To be a platform for young designers, social entrepreneurs, eco-businesses, green innovators and experts raising awareness of the environmental and social impacts of certain consumer choices while offering sustainable and ethical alternatives.

Meet the Team

We bring together almost 20 years of experience in the environmental sector, financial services and online retail space locally, regionally and internationally.

Hawazen Albuaijan

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Hawazen Al Buaijan is a multifaceted Businesswoman. She started her career off at the National Bank of Kuwait and then became a Wealth Manager at Global Investment House. In 2008 Hawazen decided to leave Global Investment House to pursue a career that can suit her growing f​amily but would still challenge her. That’s when she founded Goji Boutique one of the regions first online fashion and lifestyle retail platforms, which she later sold after great success. Hawazen has been featured in many publications, such as LPC’s Leaders of Kuwait, for the pioneering work she’s done for the online fashion industry in the region. Hawazen has been a keen animal rights activist from a very young age and always advocated for a more compassionate and sustainable view of the world.

Samia Alduaij

Co-Founder & CEO

Samia Alduaij is a senior environmental specialist from Kuwait with almost 20 years of experience in international development, environmental policy and management and in scientific/ research institutions. She has worked for the World Bank and United Nations Development Programme in the Middle East and North Africa region. Her work has consisted mostly of operational projects and technical assistance programs related to environmental impact assessment, pollution management, climate change, waste management, marine conservation and sustainable development of natural resources. Samia was part of the team that set up the aquarium at the Scientific Center in Kuwait and was involved in its community outreach initiative related to turtle rescue and rehabilitation. She is currently an advisor to the Government of Kuwait on environmental matters. A keen diver and adventurer, Samia has witnessed first-hand the negative environmental impact of certain consumer behavior; whether it was underwater, in the mountains, or in her own backyard. She launched this initiative to better communicate and share her insights on how to live more sustainably and contribute, however modestly, to the rehabilitation of the planet on a more personal level.