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Dining and Take-Away

    • Get your own reusable coffee cup, imagine how much paper and plastic you’d be saving.
    • Bring your own reusable bag to the restaurant.
    • Say no to plastic straws by switching to metal or glass straws
    • Refuse single use cutlery by switching to bamboo or bringing your own
    • Adopt a flexitarian diet, reduce meat and dairy and eat more plant based food. It’s good for you!
    • Go vegan one month per year
    • Avoid highly processed foods
    • Cut your portion size to avoid overeating or wasting food
    • Avoid unnecessary packaging when possible
    • Plan your meals
    • Limit the number of food shopping trips so it’s done once a week instead of everyday
    • Pack your leftovers in glass containers to have another day


    • Be a conscious buyer by purchasing sustainable and ethically sourced merchandise
    • Avoid fast fashion as much as possible, buy less and better quality and try renting too
    • Buy vintage clothes, home accessories, furniture, the stars do it!
    • Buy organic when able
    • Don’t buy from brands that have unethical practices
    • Buy less and better quality
    • Mend/ fix what you can instead of discarding old clothes, household items, electronics
    • Avoid microplastics and palm oil in beauty products.
    • Buy solar powered electronics/ lights when possible
    • Support your local NGOs and artisans
    • Refuse plastic bags by bringing your own reusable bag to the grocery store
    • Get your own reusable produce bags, jars, containers when grocery shopping instead of single use plastic items
    • Buy produce that is in season and if you’re able buy local
    • Buy shampoo and soap bars instead of the ones sold in plastic containers
    • Use glass containers to store food instead of plastic
    • When buying food buy in bulk instead of small portions

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