Ghada Butrus Rezqallah

I am Macrame Artist 

I made my pieces to inspire others who have a concern about our planet so they can take part in protecting it through affordable ways of upcycling old clothes with style and to use it in different women's and home accessories 


Hanan Al Shayea

Crafter & Jewelry Designer

I love to experiment different arts & crafts techniques including recycling art ✨Rock N Roll Bride ✨ The texture of fabrics I chosed directly inspired me to create the rocking style design.This design reflects my inner personality of a free spirited girl and I chosed to participate in this competition aiming to challenge my self & experience a new level of recycling art.


Maryam Ali Shamsah

Fashion Designer & Fine Artist


Lately, it feels like we are hearing about wildfires more often and their effect on sustainable development. The designs contain a clear link between real world sources of inspiration such as the wildfires and conceptual & tangible designs.

Suhaila Hussein Ali Al-Attiyah

I have a great passion for recycling fabrics, drawing is an artistic pleasure, and the craft of hand embroidery in particular has become a harmonious mixture and what I presented of the works I considered documenting the heritage of Kuwait, its present and its past.



Tahani Al Buraiki

Upcycling Designer

I took inspiration from Kuwait's fishing heritage and my daughter to create a chandelier encompassing all these elements that are dear to me.