Ghada Butrus Rezqallah

I am macrame artist 

I made my pieces to inspire others who have a concern about our plant so they can take part in protecting it through affordable ways of upcycling old clothes with style and use it in different women's and home accessories 


سهيله حسين علي العطيه

لدي شغف كبير باعادة تدوير الانسجه والرسم متعة فنية وحرفة التطريز اليدوي بالأخص اصبحت مزيجا متناغما وما قدمته من اعمال اعتبره توثيق لتراث الكويت حاضره وماضيه


Maryam Ali Shamsah

Fashion designer & Fine Artist


Lately, it feels like we are hearing about wildfires more often and their effect on sustainable development. The designs Contain a clear link between real world sources of inspiration such as the wildfires and conceptual & tangible designs.