May 28, 2020 AT WORK No Comments

How we can do our part at work.

    • Reduce plastic by switching to reusable water bottles, reusable shopping bags, glass jars, bamboo plates and paper or metal straws in your everyday life.
    • If you bring your own food, use plant based food wraps and bags instead of plastic film and zip lock bags.
    • Get your own reusable coffee cup, imagine how much paper and plastic you’d be saving.
    • Start a sustainability team for your office
    • Create monthly green challenges
    • Ensure waste is segregated properly
    • Instead of throwing your food waste, compost!
    • Turn off electronics, lighting, and heat every evening
    • Opt for eco friendly products
    • Take it easy with the thermostat. Your office doesn’t’ need to feel as cold as Iceland
    • Go paperless
    • Bring a desk plant
    • Promote natural light
    • Encourage green commuting

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